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134 thoughts on “UPDATES”

  1. Hello, I do not have my books on my profile but on my membership page, I see my purchase made for them on Nov. 19; as well as my founder’s badge.

  2. Hello…in the Forex Basics section, β€œWhat is Traded?”, the question ask β€œWhat are minor or cross pairs?”…I initially answered β€œthe pairs that exclude the US Dollar”…I got it wrong. I then answered β€œthe pairs that include the EUR, YEN, or GBP”…got it right. Technically, wouldn’t both of these answers be correct. Please, correct me if I’m understanding that all wrong…because that happens…lol. Thank youn

    1. Hi Angie,
      I just came to check this section to make the same observation. I also believe that the answer should be “The pairs that exclude US dollar.”

      Hopefully one of the moderators will clarify for us soon.

    2. In answer to this question if you scroll to 5:23 for that video, it talks about any pair that doesn’t have the US in it. This answer is partially right however if you add MXN to it it becomes an exotic pair. The correct answer would be any pair that contains Eur, Yen, or Gbp because the video clarifies that they are the most widely traded pairs next to the US including AUD and NZD. So your answer was right just the second answer you chose was MORE right. However, I don’t have questions for “gotcha sake” I will go and clarify the answer more to prevent multiple trip ups πŸ™‚

  3. The “My Feedback” Form under “My Voice” isn’t working. It stays on the same page. I was going to leave private feedback but I’ll wait until it’s functional. Thanks!

  4. The icon for My FMI Courses is missing when I hoover over My Home. The icons are there for My Go & Do’s and My FMI Live but missing for My FMI Courses…
    Consequently, it looks like Go & Do and LIve are a subcategory for the Courses, but it’s not.

    (BTW, it was going to add a screenshot to show you but it said .png is not allowed. So I converted to .jpg and it’s saying the same thing. Please confirm what is allowed for the attachments).

  5. Hello All. I had been missing all of the awesome discussions below because I didn’t scroll down far enough to see them until now. I was only reading the final updates and missing the good stuff. Glad this part is here. But here’s my first contribution to this section. Maybe the UPDATES can have two parts. One for the discussions (and possibly call it SUGGESTIONS) and one for the final resolved UPDATES. Because as UPDATES grow, we’ll have to scroll down more and more to leave a comment.
    So here’s my full suggestion. At the top of this page, add a tab called SUGGESTIONS next to UPDATES (in ocean blue not the yellow one in the main menu). So when we click on SUGGESTIONS, it skips and takes us to this section directly. UPDATES (and SUGGESTIONS) are technically still on the same page but we’re able to go to SUGGESTIONS without having to scroll a lot to get here.
    Let me know if this makes sense or if I need to clarify anything.

      1. Excellent suggestion! We will be introducing a more streamlined way to inform of updates and Quickly take suggestions. So this is right on time feedback!

    1. hey @PastorPam I have deleted the old outdated Updates information at the top so you can just see the most recent update info. still will work on a better process moving forward but thought we could make the quick adjustment here to save frustration. @adaezewduncan fyi πŸ˜‰

  6. Greetings,
    Just a quick note about a typo in the email stating that the book order has been placed.

    The last line says: “Please also note that books are not refundable as pepr our refund policy.” It should be per as opposed to pepr.

    I hope that this helps for those who will order in the future.

  7. I’m rewatching the videos with Team App. It would be super handy if the video can rotates to full screen (landscape mode)!

    1. hey there…not sure if you’re using an iPhone or Android, but I’m able to watch the videos in landscape mode and full screen, on my iPhone. double check that you don’t have the “rotate lock” on, if you’re using an iPhone πŸ˜‰

  8. What is traded in Forex Market Checkpoint, “What is meant by exotic pairs?” needs to be re-evaluated. The video states, “Any major currency that is paired with an emerging economy.” is an Exotic pair but if you answer using this option(Any major paired currency that is paired with and emerging economy.) the answer comes out incorrect. The other option are not the what the video said.

  9. Market Participants Checkpoint question, “Who moves the markets cost?” not sure but think it should say, “Who moves the markets most?”. Typo COST should be MOST.

  10. Thank you for the opportunity for us to make FMI the best student learning process available to learn Forex trading. Thank you Team Founder for showing up for us all to show out with such a supe fantastic platform we will have the ability to invite the masses to learn Forex come March…

    1. ??? Thanks for your great positive feedback! Working on building a platform we can be proud to share with others and help them along the same journey we all are on!

  11. Hey, you all are doing an AMAZING job! Take a look at “When to trade Forex part 2”. The information about overlaying, towards the end of the video, repeats.

  12. I don’t have my founders badge on my profile. I know you all said Friday. I was not sure this Friday or next.

    1. @vreyes Hey hows the training going? You should be able to view your points under the profile tab and timeline tab. Its located on the right side of your profile picture.

    2. Yes @AcMore is correct! You can see your point total on your profile but there may also be a way to see what you get points for. Will talk to @adaezewduncan about whether this can be added to your profile activity feed if you think you would like to see that.

  13. I feel like the checkpoint question, located in Forex basic “What is traded in Forex”, about exotic pairs should be reviewed.

    1. Hey again @empire7! Please accept my connection request and send me an inbox message with your email so I can double check your confirmation. Adaeze and Rashard are going over the book shipments at this moment. Also, hopefully it didn’t land in your spam folder as it may have come from our email software Convert-kit so double check there if you have not already! Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. Hello @empire7 ! Look up the team under search term “forex mastery institute” and you will see the app with about 25 members in it. That is the one!

  14. Really impressed with the quick responses and attention to the feedback from the founders πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Noticed a slight error on the course page where it says Fundamentals VI – Level 2….that should be IV (4)….just a minor correction.

  15. This question “Why was the bartering system so flawed?” answer needs to be re-evaluated. The question is about the bartering system but the all of above answer includes trading money for services and goods. Only once option is really about the bartering system and picking that one is wrong. Confusing.

    1. That certainly seems confusing @tradehawk! Will take a look at that right away and get back to you! Thanks so much! Really REALLY appreciate your attention to detail! πŸ™‚

      1. I just got to that checkpoint and saw the same version of the question where 2 options included money, but choosing the option about bartering was incorrect.

        Also, I was under the compliance section suggests that there should be a “What is Compliance Checkpoint” but there weren’t actually any questions, just a button to mark as complete.

  16. When I downloaded the app, there was no request to join, just a sign in. I was already in but there is no option to save so once I go out I have to find the team again. I uninstalled and installed again but it was still the same.

    1. @alesregi20 hmm that is really strange! Do you have an iPhone or an Android? Will need to look into that. You definitely should not have to save it. Once you join it should be there each time you open the app. Tag me @bobbiette with your reply so I can look into that based on your phone OS. Thanks for your report!

      1. @bobbiette I have an android. It won’t even show me the option to join the founders group. I can get on my courses and everything but when I come out of it doesn’t show that I was ever on the app.

    2. @alesregi20 If you have an Android phone, you will need to sign up with the app first. After that the option to appear to request access to the group. I wish there was an option to link pictures here so I could show you.

      1. The video that is available about the app is a little bit confusing. You indead have to sign up first! Otherwhise it won’t save the group Forex Mastery Institute.

  17. The banner to “Click Here” to view Update keeps popping up every time I have visited this page thus far, not allowing me to read the page properly. New updates happen every other second? Also, why am I not able to view any videos?
    What is the App name again?

    1. Hey @vreyes! Please let me know if you still have not received your email confirmation. Double check your spam and if still not please send me an inbox message with your email and I will look it up for you!

  18. Hello, Was anyone else not able to move forward with the G Level/Onboarding? Is it working for you now?

      1. It’s really 5 star vip customer support! I also appreciate the interaction that’s going on with this platform.

    1. @Darms just checking to make sure you received your email. Adaeze replied that your order was placed and books are processing for shipping.

  19. I also noticed that the INCOME CLAIM VIDEO does not really tell you what an income claim is. The video just goes straight into the types of income claims. You need the information the be clear so people will be able the answer question #2 “What are income claims?” correctly. Watching the video will make the viewer think the correct answer to “What are income claims?” is the wrong answer.

    1. Bobbiette The Brand

      @tradehawk you got the juice on these feedback comments! Lol! Thanks so much for that concise feedback! I will put that in Adaeze’s video spreadsheet so she can make that change when she goes back through the videos very soon! Thanks again and keep the feedback coming! This is GREAT!

    2. @tradehawk you are right! The video and the quiz question was ambiguous. The correct answer has been rewritten so there shouldn’t be any confusion over which answer is correct. If you feel like taking the quiz again you will get more points πŸ˜‰ Otherwise, thank you for pointing that out and being specific. i actually remember getting that question wrong also when I took that quiz and thinking the same thing! – @adaezewduncan its fixed! πŸ˜€

  20. There seems to be a problem getting started with the course. Can someone check what the problem could be? At the G level , Mark complete is displayed without being able to view the video.

    1. Bobbiette The Brand

      Hi @mackendy32206! Adaeze is working on that first video right now. She said she will post the update by this evening. Are you able to go to the next video? Also, the video tells you to go to your app store and find the TEAM APP to download. You can download on either iPhone or Android and look for FMI team and login with your FMI credentials. I will comment back to you as soon as the updates are posted for today! Thanks so much!

    1. Bobbiette The Brand

      @vreyes Probably! We are streamlining notifications and yes, even I think there are ALOT of emails for every single point! Will talk to the team about this!

      1. Bobbiette The Brand

        @vreyes Okay!!! Adaeze turned those bad boys off!! No more emails for single points! Only achievements and rank ups! πŸ™‚ Good feedback!

  21. I tried making connections and I did get a notification I have made a connection but does not give me an option to say something to them and I don’t have them listed in my connections.

    1. Bobbiette The Brand

      Hmm, that’s weird! Okay, will check on the backend of your profile. Did you try refreshing the page already?

        1. Bobbiette The Brand

          Hey there okay yes you do need to wait for them to accept. You can also write on their timeline if you want to communicate with them while you wait. I tested your connections and we are connected so they are working!

  22. did Go and Do’s Level G What is your Why? What is next step .attempted to do ‘what is pair personality’ but am told haven’t completed Go and Do’s

    1. Hey Khalil! In order to be able to do the next Go and Do you have to be at the level Sidekick. Once you complete the level you will be able to do the Go & Do πŸ™‚

  23. I noticed that when I went to order the books, I was a bit hesitant entering the addresses because the the first page on the order form was ambiguous as it relates to the shipping address…..I think there should be a label which explicitly says “shipping address” along with the one that says “billing address” found on the second page…just for those persons who have different addresses in each case. Also, I received two email confirmations. The first one came after completing the first page and a second came through after completing page 2…I was left wondering if it went through as 2 separate book orders. I think this could be improved in the future. If all the information could be put on one page that would probably help also.
    Loving the site and the entire initiative so far. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Bobbiette The Brand

      This is excellent feedback, @Reesey246 We will put this on our list up top so our team can address that asap! Definitely agree that shipping address should be explicitly labeled as well as a billing address label. The two email confirmations is a glitch that we are actually alredy working on. No you won’t get two shipments or be charged twice!

      Definitely working to streamline that shipping process. I agree it should be a seamless one page or similar. Working with a couple of platforms on the shipping process.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this clearly! Will update your comment when we get this amended! πŸ˜‰

    2. One more thing @Reesey246 You receive two confirmations. One so you can verify that your shipping address was correct (in case you changed your mind) the other a receipt of your billing if that makes sense. However I did change the labeling so hopefully it won’t be confusing πŸ™‚

  24. On the INCOME CLAIM CHECKPOINT the is no correct answer the question #2 “What are income claims? ” It comes out wrong no matter which answer you select. I took the quiz four times and chose each option with the same result, incorrect.

    1. From what I see, the answer has been marked as of now. Also I went back through and took the quiz and it seems to be working now! Thank you for your feedback. πŸ™‚

  25. I noticed that I was able to mark a training as complete and proceed to the next course even though I had well over 7 minutes left to watch. I wanted to make you all aware as it was my understanding the software wouldn’t allow you to proceed until all videos were watched in their entirety. I took a screenshot but I don’t have the ability to post it here.

    1. Bobbiette The Brand

      Great feedback @torrenshanae! We will get right on that bug and send an update! Also, you should be able to upload a photo on these comments. There is a camera, a video and a file attachment icons on the bottom right of each text box when you type a comment.

    1. both iPhone and Android…check out Step 9 video/Onboarding Unit. You can also download it on either an iPad or Android tablet πŸ˜‰

    2. The video is explained with an Iphone. But I’m an Android user and I’ve found the app on Play Store.

    1. I just happened to watch the Welcome To FMI video that was available if you go to “My Home”. Then in the Onboarding unit, step one, I hit ‘complete’ button (or something like that); it let me proceed, however, I’m not sure if that is the video that was intended for step 1 since it’s not really in the Onboarding unit.

    2. I wanted to start watching onboarding video with step 1, but there wasn’t a video available?! It was marked that I had completed. Normally you can rewatch, but there is nothing to see…

  26. Thank you very much for this update feature, really looking forward to enjoying this whole FMI journey!!!

    1. I totally second that, Shan!! Definitely will be taking advantage of all the training offered here at FMI to change my life and that of others.

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