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We expect that you may have something to say about your journey here at FMI and we NEED to hear about it. Below you will find three important sections: 

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Part of the perks and responsibility of being a Founding Member is that you get to speak and speak loudly! We want to hear from you about your experiences. We want to know what we are doing well and what we need to change. Please regularly update the following areas as you embark on your journey. 


Visual Testimonials

The Visual Testimonial button is specifically an upload button. We hope that you love your learning and we want to see your learning process. Please upload things such as photos of you learning

  • Studying in your workbooks.
  • Studying on the computer/tv/device.
  • Photos of your excitement.
  • Screenshot testimonials (should you be bragging to others in text)
  • Video testimonials.

Feedback Form

The Feedback section will be a form that pops up and gives you the ability to tell us what we need to improve. We don’t expect to just be hitting on all cylinders right away. That is a long term goal. Our main focus is to provide you with the best user experience possible, and to help you achieve your goals. However, we cannot do that without growing pains. Please don’t hold anything back. Please share in love what we need to change on this form. 

We hope you enjoy your stay and we would like to be a part of that journey and those conversations. 

Positive Testimonials

The Commentary Testimonial section is pretty self explanatory please share

  • Any ah HA moment you have.
  • Your  positive journey through the courses.
  • Your moments of growth.
  • Anything good and great and awesome in text form here. 
  • Positive feed back only here, if you have some issues/concerns please share them over  on the updates page or the feedback form above.

89 thoughts on “My Voice”

  1. All I can say is Wow! And Thank God! Finally, someone Gets It! I actually just joined a few days ago, and what I’ve seen just in that time, is nothing but Amazing! I can’t tell you how Excited I am to attend this school! I’ve been searching for a structured program such as this since I was introduced to Forex a few years ago. Because I knew it was a skill that I knew that if I mastered it, my life would move to a whole new level! I’ve searched the internet, just to become more confused and discouraged, but I knew I couldn’t give up! Adaeze and Rahshad Thank You! I can see that you guys really put your hearts and souls into your program, and I know without a doubt, the people who realizes the value of this program and take full advantage of your knowledge and wisdom, will achieve whatever level of FX they desire. I pray that the Good Lord Blesses you with Much, Much Success! And finally, thank you for pricing it at price that anyone who truly wants to learn how to trade, can! God Bless 🙂

  2. Hello. FMI is very hands-on and I truly believe this school/training program will help me. I am driven to push past the mini obstacles in understanding the system set up for MT4. I am super happy that a new training session has been added for this. i have been stuck here for quite some time. Aside from this…FMI really holds your hand through the process of learning forex trading and I am appreciative and ready to move past MT4 set up.

  3. Of course My Goal is to learn the skill of Trading (Correctly that is), however, I truly thank and commend FMI for combining the skill with psychology and overall Self improvement. It’s a God-Send for a individual such as Myself that came from and became a product of a very negative environment and by the Grace of God is still alive. Through self introspection, I see how God answers Prayers and FMI is a family that provided the Clarity, Structure, and Confidence that was needed in the right time, space and sequence! I plan to be an Ambassador to and for the Family, but as taught, I’m WORKING on the foundation first. Thanks for all You do, Loving Yall Loving Yall Whole Time, more will be revealed..

  4. I received my books today!!! With all of this CBE going on, (computer based education), it was very refreshing to actually receive some REAL BOOKS! What awesome quality, I’m loving FMI!

  5. Did God answer my prayer or what? After several years and DOLLARS, I’ve finally found a place to stake my flag. I love family togetherness and with Rashard and Adaeze’s AWESOME leadership, this will we
    fun! I’m looking forward into diving in! I’m looking forward to meeting new LIKE-MINDED folks! lol

  6. You Guys are truly phenomenal,. I loving Yall Loving Yall WHOLE TIME! Yall won’t ever get rid of Me. In the future You guys will consider Me and Mine as Blood. I’m speaking it into existence! APTMHNC, MHNCBUA.

  7. Joining FMI was the best decision I have ever made in my Trading Career. I always knew I wanted a great forex Education and no one else could of given me that Education than Mrs. Adaeze Duncan and her team. That night I found Adaeze on instagram I went straight to the website look at the videos and signed up I did not care what the cost was goin to be I know I had to get into this school. I am learning so much from the courses and from the Live Sessions, Farran and Chuck are doin an awesome job I don’t get to attend all the classes like I should because of work schedule but whenever I get a chance to attend I always learn something new thank you guys. My goal is to resign from my job next year on completion of my school and I Know FMI will help me accomplished my goal. Thank you Team FMI

  8. marlb1260gmail-com

    Price Zone Monday 10/4 was such a learning experience. Farran alwayd give his best to help us every session. Many aha moment for me tonight when he brings
    Elliot Waves with Price Zone to teach us to get better and better. Thanks FMI full crew. LOL

  9. Hi FMI Family!! I am so grateful for this platform, as soon as I heard Adeze Duncan was teaching without a second thought I knew I had to sign up to be a part of this institution. I received my books today and I have been on GOOOOO ever since. I feel so blessed to have been introduced to a skill set that will begin a new journey for my family & me to start LIVING life and not just existing!

  10. I was thinking should I quit since I was so far behind. This new start is exactly what I needed. I’ll succeed this time around. Thank God for new beginnings. Thanks FMI.

  11. Hello everyone today I just got my books in the mail, so excited, looking forward to succeeding on my Journey as a Forex Trader. Thank you Adaeze and Rashard for all you do, God bless you all. Love, Hugs and Kisses

  12. geniecraffimgmail-com

    Just like each and every, Olympian, working 3 years to be the best trader I can be, I finally found the Forex Mastery Institute. Similar, to the athletes as they work and find coaches, I was able to find success and confidence inside of the Institute. First, the community of traders is like none other. They are willing to offer their assistance and are so helpful! Second, are the Trainers. These trainers go out of their way to make sure you understand what they present! I would like to give a shout out to Farran. He has provided a challenge using a new tool called Price Zone. Often in trading, I didn’t know where the market was going. With Price Zone and Farran’s help, I have a much better idea of how the market moves. I am so much better able to control my trades and protect the money in my trading account. I want to thank Farran for his challenge. His dedication to the students and to the value of educating others to understand what you know gives you a Gold Medal!! Thanks!! GENIE CRAFF

  13. I just wanted to leave a voice-mail! Man you and your wife are awesome!!!! I will never ever want for money again and because of you two leaving out a dream and building a school my family can live out their dreams!!!! Thanks to your obedience to The Most High. He inspired your school just for me. That ichimoku video was fire. Remember the thing I was missing with the ORS I went back to the cloud video and suddenly the mystery was revealed. Oh Thank you!!!!TBH if I had a job I would put in my 2 month notice!!!!!

  14. geniecraffimgmail-com

    To ALL!
    The collective knowledge shared in the Study Hall magnifies the knowledge we all separately take away from our AMAZING trainers! Thanks to all of them for the energy, work and time they put into each session!! KUDOS!!

  15. geniecraffimgmail-com

    To The Staff at FMI,

    Before FMI, I had “learned” on another platform. What I learned was just enough to know I didn’t know enough to be trading at the level I found myself trading. I stopped and so the search was on. I knew that Adaeze Duncan had been writing a course on trading. In November of 2020, I found her and the course online! There was a Black Friday special and this was the only purchase I made that weekend!!

    I first want to THANK Adaeze for naming my good friend Chuk and myself as Student of the Month! With the support of her husband Rashard, the two are indeed a power couple! I want to acknowledge, (From one educator to another!), Adaeze for her creativity and excellence in creating the learning and application of this platform. Her ability to combine historical and scientific knowledge with the mathematics of market trends and trading is truly a gift.

    I want to THANK the Trainers!! Farhan for giving me Kenny G to listen to as he opens the Weekly Outlook! Then he helps me understand Fibonacci better each week! Chuck has filled many of the wholes I knew were missing. I was using indicators and had no idea why! Now the reasons I am using them have changed! Thanks to Chuck and the ORS System, I had built a success rate of about 73% during my last 30 days of trading and now it is up to 78.9%!!

    Trading will never be the same for me! Now, I understand how to mark my charts and what to look for… For all the right reasons!

    Thanks BUNCHES!!


  16. adgb2017gmail-com

    Being in this FMI for several months now, has definitely given me a greater learning experience in the understanding about trading. It’s been personally a positive journey through the courses. The courses in the video’s are well taught, illustrated. As well as the Live Sessions. It’s very professional. Well put together and simplistic in it’s format to comprehend academically and visually. I am personally being fulfilled in a season of my life. By being introduced to something that has challenged me in moments of growth. And reaching towards and looking forward to the outcome in really knowing how to be an independent trader. Never thought I could learn something like this! I have a long way to go still. I have now regrets. I am pleased and blessed in what I’ve being taught in the Forex Mastery Institute. Thank you Adaeze!. Your absolutely amazing!. You really…really know how to teach!. Thank you Rashard! your strength, motivation, passion manner and etc. with us as the FMI Family is remarkable!. You All!, as the team are smart, intelligent, wise; very knowledgeable, wonderfully humorous and “easy to be intreated”. Thanks for everything! #NohypeNoFlattery!…

  17. I’m happy to be apart of FMI. I feel like I’m back in school. I have completed Level G and level 1 unit 1. I’m trying to get as much as possible done before I have to go back to work. #IAMALWAYSASTUDENT

  18. I’m excited to be partnered with FMI. I truly look forward to meeting my fellow “classmates” over the next months. Just getting started with set up and intro videos today. Enjoy the rest of your day. I certainly will.

  19. So far so good! Today I started Level G going through the different modules and taking notes. I must say, this is exactly what I am looking for and need to achieve my goals. The courses are really designed to engage the students, assist with any setup, and showing students how to navigate the site. She is preparing us on how to focus on the end goal. MASTERY!!! This is awesome!! Adaeze thank you for your continuous efforts to educate each and every last one of us.

  20. I enjoy listening weekly live sessions a lot, especially as I progress through my course levels and learn more. I am particularly super excited that I get all my nitty-gritty questions answered, the burning questions I have not been able to find answers to anywhere before. I am also learning a great deal of specific details I have never heard before and are so important. I keep having so many Aha! moments that I can hardly keep up, for which I am thrilled. It is obvious that Adaeze is a professional teacher, which makes the whole learning experience easy and effortless. Her super fun personality that shines through both videos and weekly live session make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. (I am crazy about Adaeze, but this is beyond the point).
    I have long wished and searched for this kind of opportunity – especially through the guidance of the teacher/individual/expert I trust and am glad I have found it. So I feel thrilled, lucky, and grateful to be the part of this platform/community, and, through it, I can’t wait to make my dreams/plans a reality.

  21. I have been a high school English teacher for 20 years. This time of the year is often very stressful – needless to say that “Amy” has kicked down the door and marched right on in. No, that’s not a positive thing, but what is positive is that I have learned, thanks to FMI, to recognize her and recognize that I need a plan so that I can follow it and keep my sanity rather than trying to make major decisions while she is running the show. It also helps me realize that I would be an absolute nervous wreck when trying to trade while she is in control. Thanks Adaeze for this awareness.

  22. @adaezewduncan your videos are so entertaining and keep me excited about learning. Loving this journey so far and realizing all of the things I didn’t know my first time around – now I understand why I was sooooooooo frustrated because I was missing a lot of needed/helpful information that is now connecting the dots in my head lol.

  23. Since joining in the last few months FMI has really closed a lot of gaps with trading, my confidence is catching up finally to the point where I can see myself being a consistent trader.

    1. OMG! I was just thinking this with some of the things I learned in Level G. I feel like with each section I complete and have a light bulb moment over and over again lol.

  24. I am so enjoying this journey! It is exactly what I needed to sharpen my skills, connect some more dots and deepen my trading psychology mindset so I can trade with my prefrontal cortex instead of Amy. Finally I can see myself developing a trading routine, my rules of engagement aka trading plan aka business plan while consistently doing the sane thing over and over in a robotic style and as a full time professional trader

    1. They do look great! I also love the fact that they are waterproof. Mine were left in the rain by the mailman and I was worried that they were destroyed because the box was soaking wet. I was so happy to find that they were intact.

  25. I finally got my workbook today. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to go through each one of them. Looks pretty and carefully made. Adaeze you did an excellent job.

  26. Got my books today finally. Top quality print, carefully constructed. I also advanced to psycmaster. I’m seeing your comments guys great work. I’ll be up to speed shortly. I am encouraged.

  27. Last night I was working in my Level 1 course learning about filters and triggers. I was struggling with the concept a little bit at first, so I watched the video a second time and continued to go over my notes. During my sleep that night, I was subconsciously thinking about set-ups/triggers and filters – it made perfect sense in my sleep, and I got so excited. However, when I woke up in the morning and tried to put it together like I had done in my sleep, I struggled a bit. I chuckled to myself because I seemed to have it all together when I was asleep but not quite as much when I awoke. Nevertheless, I am still enjoying this learning journey so much!

      1. Yes roderick, I believe that! I’m usually working on this right before bed so each night in my subconscious mind I am thinking about whatever I worked on before I went to sleep.

  28. Hi FMI family, I’m back on. I think Adaeze was spying on me; everything in video 1- Trading Psychology was me and yes I’m saying “WAS ME”. The things I do, I do no more. Gotta watch our inner world guys it starts with “fixing me first”, and that goes for everything. How you do anything is how you do everything. Great learning so far, loving it. I love the Zone of proximal development (ZPD) concept, it means we have a great teacher who will assist us in getting to where we should be. Keep the fire burning guys.

    1. After completing the Market Psychology lessons, I understand why Adaeze believes we must master that before we ever begin to trade. I found it interesting that she said it made her a better person all around. I’m beginning to feel that way too. Discipline and consistency is something that holds most people back from their dreams. Once you become aware that it is an issue and you have a way of being held accountable, growth starts.

  29. I just completed History of Forex on Level G and I’m so impressed on how Adaeze explained it. There were some terms that I’ve always known of such as the gold standard, Bretton Woods, IMF etc, but the way it was explained here was so amazing and so easy to understand. I’m really excited about this learning journey. I know I’m taking my time in going through the material, but I’m loving it. Looking forward to the rest of Level G and getting to Level 1.

  30. I gotta say, after going through Level 1 not only was I educated, Entertained, and felt like I had Mrs.Duncan right there with me. Guiding me step by step changing my mindset to get ready to master the art of trading the physiology is way bigger than just money “Take the emotion out of it,” and you’ll win!

    1. I couldn’t have said it any better brother. I’m currently working through the first level now and just by completing the SMART goals exercise I feel a difference in my thinking. Emotions and risk management have been my downfall in the past but now I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  31. CurtisRebootyou

    Hello my name is Curtis Hawkins from Santa Monica, CA, USA
    I’m emotionally excited to be a student at The Forex Mastery Institute(FMI), my life just ventured to another level.
    I’m super excited right now I just received  my FMI books, my building knew valuable they and put in security locker and I couldn’t get them tell now, see you on the others side of success, it’s Study Time and I’m Always A Student???
    today and game changer Time… I met Adaeze are few years ago, and love her style so when I heard she was doing her own educational platform I was all In!!!

    I am a student always

    1. Hi! I am excited to be on this journey as well. Adaeze’s teaching style is amazing – with each lesson I am hooked! I’ve never actually met her, but I watched some of her videos that she did when she taught with IML. She is the only one that I really understood. When my husband told me that she was doing her own platform, I knew it was for me. I think this is going to be a great journey for us all.

  32. I really felt that I have gained vital knowledge going through the ground level course. I learned a lot and at my own paste. When I heard the content of the presentation dropped by Adaeze and Rashard I was completely sold. They come across as a solid couple who decided to pursue a dream against all odds. I did not see this platform as another expense but rather an investment into the future for myself , the people I care about and the many lives I want to touch. This family is awesome and again i can’t say enough times that I am happy to be part of this special group. Looking forward to moving on to the next course, this feels right.

    1. As you stated before we are in good hands. I feel like they really do care about people learning the material and not just following calls someone else puts out. With every lesson I go finish I learn something new. The excited I felt day one has not left yet!! I have tried other courses and this one is by far the best! I go over the lesson a few times and take breaks in between to make sure I have a full understanding of the material.

  33. The Ground level course in FMI felt so good, It reminded me of higher institution days, FMI is like a classroom in my house, very interactive and educating. Rashard and Adaeze have done well with the Ground level course. More details as I go along other courses.

  34. I just started going through the course and downloaded the app. I absolutely love it. The fact that I can watch the videos through the app and not have to go to the website is so amazing. It makes it so easy to access the material which is great. I’m so excited to be part of FMI and eager to learn.

    1. I have downloaded the app to my phone but I don’t get a very strong signal while at work, so I haven’t tried to use the app to watch videos or anything. It’s good to know that the videos work well through the app. That way while I am traveling, I can still be a student, always!

  35. The instructional video presentations are AWESOME! Mrs. Adaeze Duncan brings her dynamic personality to each one of them. There is not one of her videos yet that I have watched that has not sent a big smile across my face. The material is explained thoroughly, often with examples that are unforgettable. I am enjoying learning and am truly learning with a smile.

  36. Mrs. Adaeze responded to me and I was so excited I cried a little. I’m so happy to be one of the first to continue being taught by one of my personal favorite educators.

  37. Hello, I’m not able to upload my why for the first assignment so that I can move on to compliance. I did add it to the Forum but I can’t open the browser or upload feature to pull the file

  38. I’m promovated to Agent pippette. I think it’s the best decision ever to be enrolled to this education platform. It really helps motivating me with the points. I love it when it’s explained easily. Learning in a playful way. It reminds me when I went to elementary school. :p

  39. I suggest putting a printable link of the first Book in so that people joining in the future don’t lose any of their joining momentum because of the lag in receiving the books. I now am stopped because I don’t have my books after watching the last video before going into the compliance section.

  40. I just start with compliance serie. I have arrived “what is compliance checkpoint”, but there is nothing coming up. I don’t understand what to do with click below to take the checkpoint. There is nothing to do?!

  41. I just wanted to leave some positive feedback. I’m truly impressed by everything. Between the videos, the app and navigating through the website. I’m still getting used to some things, but for the most part everything is so well thought out. I’ll admit, I’m ‘judgy’ when it comes to a companies website, especially when it’s something I’ve invested in and depend on using daily…and this website is solid. All the content and features really give confidence that I’ll have the tools to be successful with FMI…especially with Adaeze’s teaching skills…I’m so thankful and excited.

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